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Updates - New Features

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1 Updates - New Features on Wed May 16, 2007 2:19 pm


Main Phantom
Main Phantom
After an unexpected 12 hours of server downtime, I relogged on and found that we have been given the following updates:
We are proud to announce you the following updates :

  • Possibility of replacing easily images by an empty image in the
    logos & pictures part
  • Increase of the limit of signatures size to 500 characters
  • Addition of a Calendar module on the portal
  • Addition of a Gallery module on the portal : display the last 10
    images of the gallery
  • Addition of a cloud of words module : display a list of the most
    searched words
  • Auto-pruning in the basket instead of deleting messages
  • follow-up of the new subjects in a forum
  • Sorting of the members by group in the memberlist
  • Reason and time of banishment from a forum

Also, I am in the process of making new buttons and a new banner. I will discuss it more thoroughly soon! RedDeath


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