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The Little Mermaid

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1 The Little Mermaid on Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:54 pm


Main Phantom
Main Phantom
Well, I didnt want to at first.
But, after listening to a few of the songs and watching some previews, I agreed to go to see The Little Mermaid with my aunt and cousins! Very Happy

The costumes look amazing.

I have heard NUMEROUS mixed reviews about this musical. Some say the acting/singing is poor, others say it's phenomenal.
Some say the costumes are cheap and pathetic, while others, as well as myself, say that they are lavish and gorgeous.
I have heard that the alterations of the plot from cartoon to stage were bad, while I think they are ingenius.

Has anyone seen this yet??

I'm going in March.
I LOVE Sherie Rene Scott, and her Ursula seems amazing. Sierra Boggess was a good Christine in POTO, and she seems like she could be a nice Ariel.
I never really liked the cartoon, except for Ursula's appearances. I LOVE her character. And the play integrates the idea (which the cartton abandoned) that Triton and Ursula are siblings. This means that Ursula has motivation for wanting revenge: Her own brother banished her and seized total power.
My favorite song has always been Poor Unfortunate Souls. And now there is a reprise! And Ursula has a new song: I Want The Good Times Back (Which replaced Wasting Away).

Some YouTube Audio clips:
--Poor Unfortunate Souls (Sung by Emily Skinner, original Preview Ursula)
--I Want The Good Times Back (Sung by the current Broadway Ursula, Sherie Rene Scott)
--Poor Unfortunate Souls, reprise (Sherie Rene Scott)
--Poor Unfortunate Souls (Sherie Rene Scott)
--Wasting Away (Emily Skinner)

Watch and comment on the costumes, voices, etc.

And tell me how it is!


Keeper of The Monkey Girl in 'Masquerade' [in ALW's musical], animated POTO chandelier, & JOJ's laugh
4/6/06:: The Day... The Music... Died. Crying or Very sad
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2 Re: The Little Mermaid on Fri Feb 15, 2008 10:27 am


Lead Singer
Lead Singer
I don't have time to watch the clips right now but I'd be interested to hear what you think of it after seeing it live! It reminds me of Wicked in that it doesn't seem like a very well written show, but would be worth seeing for the design and costumes.

I'd love to see it though, I used to be obsessed with The Little Mermaid!

Rachel xxx
Keeper of Earl Carpenter's Music of the Night and Final Lair, and also Celia Graham's Think of me.
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3 Re: The Little Mermaid on Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:46 pm

Viscountess duBois

Back Stage Pass
Back Stage Pass
It looks pretty good, but if I were to go to NY and see a show, it'd be Phantom lol

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4 Re: The Little Mermaid on Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:29 pm

phantom glider

Lead Singer
Lead Singer
I thought it was ok, but not great.

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