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Lets continue a huge poem

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1 Lets continue a huge poem on Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:37 pm

Heres the deal i want to make a big poem but i want new people to add to it.Leave bathroom humor in the bathroom and lets make one about the subject where here for.The phantom of the opera. Also if we can lets try to make it ryme. I want to see how long we can make this thing. Me and a few friends on a different Phan phorum made this and started the game.I want to see how far we can get so lets begin. I shall leave the names of who did what so far...



  • Resident of box 5

    only when you close your eyes
    You reach for a world you left behind
    Where music is our only key
    To the relm of fantesy
    Where love can finnally be a truth

  • the masked one

    Music is the thing that soothes

    Slow you turn to face the glass
    A mirror showing you your heart
    Hand outstratched you follow me
    The Angel from the dreams you see

  • Immortal Obscurity

    Hear my voice and join with me
    In our passionate duet of ecstasy
    For the power of love, you cannot fight
    So come, make my music of the night.

  • Resident of box 5

    As i see you sleeping there
    reliving your life with out a care
    As i my self may sulk here alone
    while you are dreaming of a home
    I know in truth your dreaming of him
    thus my morphine will release me of greater sin

  • notsotorturedartist

    For my happy ending involved with you
    I know every twist and turn of the song you had drew
    Music of the night in the embrace of me
    Of all the things I regret it is that one faithful deed

  • the masked one

    Black-gloved hand caressing your face
    An angel in front of me full of grace
    I know you won't have me so I kiss you good night
    And return once more to submit to the night

  • Resident of box 5

    No more pain,no more loss
    my minds made up, my will exhausts

    All my love,all my dreams
    Died with you, when my destiny screamed

    My face, no more my tormented muse
    I'm sick of it! I finnally choose,

    My master called, the darker me
    Has given me the dream that I could never see

    So the clock is set, as time counts down
    my madness is endless,my humanity drowned

    What will it be? His death or ours?
    I gave you the alternative,I gave you the power

    I knew how it would end,I knew how it would start
    Murder, you see is a form of art.

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