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1OGnote Posting & Replying on Fri Aug 11, 2006 11:03 am


Main Phantom
Main Phantom
When posting or replying on a forum, members usually do not put much thought into what they say or do. These rules will limit what you can say or do, to ensure safe and clean posts.

A: Posting Threads and Topics & Replying

  • Keep posts free of:
    -SPAM. SPAM is anything, be it sentence to entire post, that renders the specific reply pointless. SPAM will not be tolerated, as it clogs up the server and increases loading time for pages.
    -racial or sexual slurs. Any comments that are not positive or creative critisisms will not be allowed.
    -comments that slander a member's sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, ideas, etc.
    -meaningless information or suchlike. Posts should be up to 2 sentences long at least, and include punctuation and logical language. No one lined posts or posts containing only a smiley or two. Also, IM talk such as 'lol' or 'omg' will be deleted. Make sure your posts are complete and full, and worth while.
    -excessive language. Swearing such as 'hell' or 'damn' is tolerable, but, any more than that will most likely get you in trouble if it is explicit.
    -pornographic or sexually explicit images or discussions. Keep all talk in a PG-13 rating, unless otherwise expressed
    -ways to obtain or copyrighted materials. Posting entire song lyrics, illegal bootlegs, etc. is against the law, and could get the forum shut down. To trade 'legal' media, go to the Auction.
    -recruitment or advertising messages. Do not go around posting threads with advertisements in the hopes that they will lure members to your site; they will be deleted. We have a specific area for advertisments; Giovanni's Basement and your profile.
    -links to websites that do not pertain to the topic at hand. Also, never post links to websites that:
    a-require members to give crucial personal information
    b-have known pop-ups
    c-have known viruses
    d-require remote access (pictures of members, etc.)
    -also, refrain from posting personal information.
  • Include the following in posts:
    -Sentences at least 2 lines long
    -Good opinionated posts, backed up with details. Never just say "I like it" or "I hate it." Back yourself up with reasons why!
    -Good, constructive critisisms.
    -worthwhile information that is meaningful
    -ratings if the post is an RPG or phan phic. Even phan art. At the top of the post, in bold and 'large' font, give a good rating.
    -references to information. For example, if you are discussion the Phantom in Las Vegas, give links or quotes.
    Private Messages
    -All things illegal in topics/posts are illgeal in PMs. Do not share illegal media, or ways to obtain them.
    -If you wish to use IM talk in PMs the choice is yours
    -Never post recruitment or advertising PMs to more than one person! If you send out a mass PM to several people, requesting, oh...say that they join your website, and I find out, you will be in trouble.
    Other Information
    -When posting a general topic (such as Favorite Phantom, etc.) that you believe may have been posted before, use the search function under the banner. That way, you will not be punished for duplicate posting
    -do not double-post in a thread. If you find you do, delete the last post
    -never use all caps or all lower case. Make sure punctuation and good grammar are located in your posts!
    -never use only smilies
    -if posting codes or HTML, make sure it works before our members preview it
    -Do not post introduction topics in The Manager's Office. I activate your account and then the system posts an intro for you. You may not post introductions! Smile

That is all for now! Read the other rules, too please!

Much thanks,
RedDeath Phantom RedDeath

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