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The Verizon skyscraper

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1 The Verizon skyscraper on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:09 am


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Thursday's nationwide protests were seen as a test of Occupy Wall Street's momentum, as the grassroots movement against economic equality marked two months since it began.

'Critical moment'
It was planned before demonstrators were swept two days ago from New York's Zuccotti Park, where they had camped since mid-September.

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At the scene

Laura Trevelyan
BBC News, New York
"Happy Birthday, Occupy Wall Street," sang protesters on the Brooklyn bridge. Celebrating two months since the movement began, they cheered and held candles.

It was a festive atmosphere as thousands of protesters streamed over the bridge, in contrast to the tense, confrontational mood earlier in the day. The demonstration was peaceful.

One woman held a sign saying the seat of government is broken, a damaged white chair in front of her. Teachers told me they were marching to protest against the privatisation of education. Students said they had huge debts and no prospect of jobs to pay them off.

The Verizon skyscraper by the bridge had "Happy Birthday OWS" projected on to it, and "We are the 99 percent". Cars crossing the bridge honked in support, and as the lights of Manhattan twinkled, the protesters cheered again.

As darkness fell on Thursday evening, protesters - their numbers swelled by union activists - moved on to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Police arrested 65 of them who walked on to the bridge roadway, but otherwise let them pass.

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